Marcy B. Freedman is an artist and an art historian based in the New York metropolitan area. While it has been a challenge to pursue both of these career paths, Marcy is convinced that her endeavors in each field have enriched her work in the other.

As a visual artist, Marcy has explored a variety of mediums – from painting and sculpture to photography, video, and performance art. Her works have been shown in more than 300 exhibitions around the country, and she has presented solo performances in a wide range of public and private venues.

Collaborating with other artists is an important part of Marcy’s artistic life. Since 2001, she has worked on dozens of video projects with Gene Panczenko, many of which have been presented as free, public screening events.

In 2002, Marcy became a founding member of the live painting performance group EYE. In 2006, Marcy formed The Cathouse Associates, which consists of three women artists who create drawings, collages, and small sculptures together. In 2012, Marcy began to work with modern dancer Marci Burns to present duets of words and movement.

Marcy utilizes her background in art history — an undergraduate degree and two master’s degrees — in her public lectures and curatorial projects. Recently, her focus as a curator has been video and performance art.

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