For my first interactive performance of  2014, which will take place on Saturday, February 8th, I am modifying my usual approach — slightly. Instead of engaging with ONE member of the public at a time, I am requesting participants to show up in PAIRS!  These “couples” may consist of friends, lovers, spouses, siblings, enemies, parent and child, etc.  I will ask each twosome to sit down and chat with me about the nature of their relationship.  I hope that these conversations will expose the various ties that bind one human being to another.

I must confess — I do have another goal, as well!  All of my interactive performances are designed to serve as an antidote to the virtual interactions to which we are becoming addicted.  In my mind, email, texting, and social networking should not be allowed to replace direct human contact!  I want my performances to remind people of the power and importance of interacting with real people in real time and real space.