Peekskill: The Power of Women Artists

Late in the summer of 2014, a group of women — including me — realized that Peekskill was soon to be the site of a number of exhibitions and programs featuring women artists.  We decided to call attention to this fact by creating a brochure called Peekskill: The Power of Women Artists.  It gave the details of events taking place at The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, The Paramount Hudson Valley, and the BeanRunner Cafe.

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Since the presidential campaign of 2016, much of my time has been spent trying to keep up with the news. This does not mean that I have neglected my work. On the contrary, I have been busier than ever, using my art as one way to respond to the news. However, it does mean that I have neglected this website, which has not been updated since 2016. Here’s hoping that 2020 will bring political change — and an updated website.