Anna of Annapolis

I created this video for an art center in Annapolis, Maryland. It was intended to arouse interest in a temporary ceramic sculptural installation that had been created by Francesca Samsel.

Polaroid Story Grids

I had been working with grids of Polaroid photographs for a year or so when I had an inspired idea — why not incorporate snippets of text into the composition?

Grid of 25 Polaroids

I had never been interested in photography – ever. Not even when travelling to Europe for the very first time. I wanted to live my life — not capture it on film!

Grid of 16 Polaroids

After an accidental introduction to the medium of Polaroid photography, I became hooked, and I would shoot for days on end.

Grid of 4 Polaroids

In this series, I tried to create skewed relationships between words and pictures.

Polaroid Rows

This series of abstract collages was created when I was trying to clean up my studio. I found so many fascinating remnants of earlier projects.