Abstract Mixed Media

This series of abstract collages was created when I was trying to clean up my studio. I found so many fascinating remnants of earlier projects. I was happy to re-purpose the left-overs into new collages.

Large Abstract Collage

While on vacation, my brother-in-law asked me to make series of large collages for his restaurant. Using a limited palette of blues and tans, I created a series of lively abstractions.

Small Abstract Collage

I created dozens and dozens of very small abstract collages in the late eighties and nineties. These formal studies of line, shape, color and texture were the first works that I felt comfortable exhibiting in public.

Abstract Threads

What you see is . . . surprising! After making designs using embroidery thread on 4 x 6 inch notecards, I asked a friend to take photographs of each little work.

Abstract Grids

The works in this series were constructed from the remnants of other projects, and they are — in my opinion — really beautiful.

Abstract Color Samples

This body of work is intentionally misleading. Each finished artwork is a color photographic print measuring approximately 18″ x 24″. But each photo looks like a collage, not a photo!

Abstract Collage

After years of NOT working with collage, I returned to the medium in 2002. Since I enjoy a challenge, I restricted my palette to black and white plus two additional colors.